The Agricultural company -La María Pilar S. A. was founded as a family business at the beginning of the XX century. It was first involved in livestock as most of the businesses, business production in the Humid Pampas were. In 1992 La María Pilar S.A. built a cheese factory for the manufacture of the finest cheese, since it already had high-quality raw materials: the finest milk -and of its own manufacture.
The factory presently manufactures 50,000 liters of milk daily.

Due to market demands, La María Pilar manufactures an important variety of cheese products, grouped in three categories:

Our soft cheeses include Cremoso, Port Salut and the traditional dough for the later manufacture of Mozzarella cheese.


Semi-hard cheeses are the Danbo cheese, special for its amazing texture for machine-cut; the Pategrás, with those shiny eyes that provide that unique and pleasant taste so desirable for the Argentine palate. We can also include in this variety, Edam, Mozzarella cheeses, and Swiss cheese, with its unmistakeable flavour -slightly piquant, and big eyes, making it a delicacy.
Some of our specialties are: smoked Saint Paulin, Mozzarella, and Cacciotta.


For the manufacture of hard cheese products, our cheese masters make use of all their knowledge and expertise to develop the Sardo, Sbrinz, Provolone, Reggianito and Provolone cheeses. This refined process ends with ripening and ageing processes at periodically controlled temperatures and moisture, so as to achieve excellent qualities, aromas and taste in cheese.
This great effort would be pointless unless thorough controls were daily carried out by our technicians along all the steps in the production process for the manufacture of a top quality cheese product: obtained through the milking process, milk pasteurisation, demanding cleaning and cleansing techniques in the dairy farms and factory -processes taking part in the so delicate task of manufacturing cheese.
For La María Pilar, it is important the professional advice of highly trained professionals and the constant training of both managers and farming executives, since we believe this to be an essential tool for every company that wishes to hold the lead in the XXI century.

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